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Snapshot America of Hampton Roads evolved from a dream after being challenged by an employer to create a new company name. The basic concept involves "seeing" and recording images that reflect what's happening in the area in which we live, wherever that may be.

Other than a few side trips, which included a working trip to Egypt and some time in the Midwest, I have spent most of my life on or near Coastal Virginia and North Carolina's Outer Banks.  Much of my freelance photography art work is a reflection of my passion for the coastal landscapes and surrounding areas. 

From website marketing and real estate photography, to landscapes, portraits, sports, weddings and special events, I thoroughly enjoy my work. And I always do my best to deliver outstanding results at a fair and affordable price for my clients.  

We greatly appreciate you for supporting local business. 


George Everett,
President and Chief Photographer
Snapshot America, LLC
Virginia Beach, VA